Eco-advance Inc.

With the advent of the 21st century, environmental issues attract renewed attention, calling for the creation of diversified values. In the circumstances, we are faced with a number of challenges, one of which is how to make a process of product consumption and recycling come to stay in our various field of activity, while ensuring that the process is fully economically justifiable. In the past, we at DMW Corporation (a builder and distributor of large industrial pumps and blowers) had approached environmental issues through the manufacture and sale of underwater dredging robots, which carry out dredging at power plants, rivers and elsewhere, and the high-speed organic waste fermentation and recycling system "PATH-TOOL." Eco-advance Inc. has now come into being to speed up our response in this field of industry and thus make for the creation of a new erase of recycling society.

Company Name Eco-advance Inc.
President Noboru Kuroda
Founded June 2, 2003, when the underwater dredging robot and organic waste fermentation treatment plant branch of DMW Corporation, a builder and distributor of underwater dredging robots, dam reservoir water quality improvement equipment and organic waste fermentation treatment equipment, was separated and organized into a new corporation.
Line of Business (1) Planning, engineering, manufacture, sale, electrical construction and mechanical fitting of ecology-related facilities, such as wastewater treatment equipment and composting equipment, and all associated businesses.
(2) Planning, engineering, manufacture and sale of equipment relating to dredging operations, and implementation of civil-engineering and dredging projects
Capitalized at \30,000 thousand
History 1986
Type M-1 underwater dredging robot developed by DMW Corporation working jointly with Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.
Type S-1 underwater dredging robot developed and combined with water treatment equipment to perfect the "SUBMERD Process."
Organic waste fermentation and recycling system "PATH-TOOL" developed, manufactured and released.
Incorporated as the ecology-related department of DMW Corporation was separated and organized into a new corporation.Eco-advance Inc. incorporated to take over peripheral technologies relating to underwater dredging robots and the organic waste fermentation and recycling system "PATH-TOOL".
Constructor Permit
(granted October 16, 2003)
Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture Permit (General 15) No. 032715 (Civil-engineering, electrical construction, steel structure construction, dredging, and machinery and tool installation)